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More Firestarter's


In 1882, in Paw Paw, Michigan, (All most  sounds like a certain song haha ......anyway) A 24 year-old man, named A.W. Underwood  came  to the attention of a  Dr L. C. Woodman. 

 Underwood had  an interesting power and he had to be careful  whenever he breathed, in order to avoid causing random fires. At first the doctor thought the stories were nothing more then lies or exaggerations, Until   Underwood himself, came in looking for help.

After some persuading Dr. Woodman finally agreed  to do a few tests, and to the amazement of himself and his and his  colleagues, Underwood was able to  do just as he had claimed, and to the best of there knowledge  the doctors  could not explain what was taking place . Doctor Woodman told the Michigan Medical News on ( September 11, 1882)

He will take anybody's handkerchief and hold it to his mouth rub it vigorously with his hands while breathing on it and immediately it bursts into flames and burns until consumed. He will strip and rinse out his mouth thoroughly, wash his hands and submit to the most rigid examination to preclude the possibility of any humbug, and then by his breath blown upon any paper or cloth envelop it in flame. He will, while out gunning and without matches desirous of a fire lie down after collecting dry leaves and by breathing on them start the fire..

Dr. Woodman himself stated publicly on many different occasions  that he was positive  Underwood's power's were real. 

After noticed that Underwood would  always  hold the cloth or other material against his mouth so that he could force his breath through it, and by doing so was then able to somehow focus and concentrate  whatever  power it was that lead to the flames, The doctors washed Underwood's mouth out with various mixtures, and told him to wear surgeon's rubber gloves  as a way to prevent him from cheating, but it never made any difference   the strange ability  continued to work the same  as it always had. 

Underwood had allowed himself to be tested for several  months, and,even though the finished  report was published in the "Michigan Medical News" and other similar journals, no one has ever came forward with an plausible  explanation for Underwood's paranormal fire-breathing power's.

Another interesting case was reported In 1927, by  then Vice President of the U.S, Charles Dawes. He   personally investigated the case of a car mechanic from Memphis, Tennessee, who's ability's were very similar to Underwood's, The man had the ability to set inflammable material on fire just by breathing on it. The man took General Dawes' handkerchief, breathed on it, and it caught fire. The man is now simply known as  the anonymous car mechanic.

Dawes and his colleagues decided that it was in fact something paranormal, and  not just some  kind of  trick, and to this day no reasonable explanation could be found, it was left unexplained. 

What's really interesting is that Underwood and the mechanic we're  both able to control there ability at will, most of the time, this kind of power usually  happens on it's own and at random times  or around poltergeist activity.

Poltergeist examples

In May 1878 at a farmhouse in Bridgewater, Scotland, strange fires started with no apparent cause, loud raps and banging  were heard and household and many items such as dishes and loaves of bread moved around . After a police investigation a servant girl named, Ann Kidner,  only 12 at the time, was arrested, and accused of tossing lighted matches, but was released by the magistrate because of insufficient evidence to hold her. 

Then in  October 1886, a 12 year-old boy named Willie Brough, of Turlock, Madison County, California, was accused of setting things on fire just by looking at the object,  and was expelled from School after five unexplained fires had started around him. His parents thought he was possessed by the devil and sent him away.......

The exact cause of these strang power's are still unknown............................

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Poltergeist and Firestarters....

In November 1890, in Thorah, near Toronto, Canada, strange things started to happening around a 14 year-old girl named Jennie Bramwell, She was  the adopted daughter of a farmer, Mr. Dawson, and his wife. Jennie had been ill and gone into a trance, will in this trance she could be heard crying out 'Look at that!' well pointing to a ceiling which was on fire. Shortly after, to the amazement of Mr. and Mrs. Dawson, she pointed to another fire. The following day numerous fires broke out around the house; as soon as one was put out, another started. In one instance while Mrs. Dawson and the girl were seated facing a wall, the wallpaper suddenly caught fire, Jennie's dress then burst into flames and Mrs. Dawson burnt her hands extinguishing the fire. Fires continued to break out in the house for a whole week. A report in the Toronto Globe, for November 9th,1890,  described charred pieces of wallpaper, which looked as if they'd been burned using a blazing lamp.  The situation soon  became unbearable, at one point all the furniture was moved into the front  yard, and Jennie was blamed for the fires, she was sent back to the orphanage shortly after..... With her leaving, the phenomena stopped.

The reporter from the Toronto Globe depicted her as 'a half-witted girl [who] had walked about the house with a match, setting light to everything she came across.' However, he had difficulty explaining exactly how the fire on the ceiling, and those on the walls had been started. Charles Fort, describing the case, commented wryly - 'I'll not experiment, but I assume that I could flip matches all day at a wall, and not set wallpaper afire.'

Then in January 1895 strange fires started in the house of an out of work carpenter named Adam Colwell in Brooklyn, New York. The fires were investigated by the police and firemen who witnessed furniture burst into flames with no apparent  explanation  and subsequently reported that the cause of the fires was unexplained. 

Thought the Fire Marshall suspected the Colwells adopted daughter, Rhoda, of  playing some part starting the flames. He stated that 'It might be thought that the child Rhoda started at least two of the fires, but she can not be considered guilty of the others, Because she was being questioned, when a few of them started. the Fire Marshall " I do not want to be quoted as a believer in the supernatural, but I have no explanation to offer, as to the cause of the fires, or of the throwing around of the furniture."

Mr. Colwell stated that on the afternoon  of January 4th will in the company of his wife and stepdaughter Rhoda, a crash was heard - a large, empty stove had fallen over, four pictures also fell off the walls. Shortly afterwards a bed caught fire, a policeman was called who saw wallpaper start to burn. Another fire started and a heavy lamp fell from a hook onto the floor. The house burned to the ground and the family, who had lost everything apart from their clothes, were taken to the police station. Captain Rhoades, of the Greenpoint Precinct said that he could attribute the strange fires to 'no other cause than a supernatural agency.'

However, a man named  Mr. J.L. Hope from Flushing, Long Island, went to see Captain Rhoades and told him that Rhoda had worked for him as a housemaid and, between November 19th and  December 19th, four mysterious fires had broken out. This was enough to convince the Captain of Rhoda's guilt in the present  case as well, and she was warned to admit the truth. Frightened, she admitted  that she had started the fires as she disliked the place she lived and wanted to get away. The girl had also knocked the pictures off the walls and dropped matches into the beds, continuing, even after the police, firemen and detectives arrived at the house.

Though the police Captain had previously thought the fires 'supernatural' he now had a natural explanation in Rhoda's now well-attested fire-starting tendencies. The New York Herald ran the story as 'Policemen and firemen artfully tricked by a, young girl.' 

So instead of investigating the fires in Flushing the Captain now satisfied that Rhoda had set the fires simply closed the case.

Sudden fire starting for no apparent reason seems to be connected with poltergeist activity along with the moving of furniture  and banging sounds.... Some, though not all, of the fire-starters seem to be orphans in unhappy situations, and this may, in some cases, explain the motive. But since the methods used to start the fires were  a mystery,  we are still left with the puzzle that certain people seem to posses a seemingly  paranormal ability to unconsciously start fires without any visible means.

high voltage syndrome, Caroline Clare, Vyvyan Jones, Jennie Morgan......

Static electricity  always seems to be stronger in the winter. 

But can you  imagine living with a high static  charge all the time, there are people who cannot go  near  computers, In part due to the excess amount of static electricity on there body's as well as a lack of control on there part, though  to be fair this ability can sometimes start and then stop just like that, leaving no time to train it.... People with High voltage syndrome can cause computers to shut down or malfunction. Others must  even be careful about something as mundane as  pumping gas because just one accidental  spark from their fingers can cause the pumps to explode and, possibly, kill them or others. Thankfully, most of us only have a small degree of static charge, but others are not as lucky....

People with "high voltage syndrome". are also  called "Electric People". or SLIders which stands for streetlight interference.....

A few well known  Electric people........

Caroline Clare, a 17 year old girl from London, Ontario. suddenly became ill in 1877, and rapidly dropped in weight from around 200lbs to only a mere 90 pounds. Caroline had strange unexplainable seizures that would allow her to describe places far from Ontario that she'd never been too. Her illness lasted until she was around 18-1/2 years old, but it did not end there.

Caroline's illness was replaced with strong electric discharges which in turn caused  her body to magnetize to the point that anything metal around her would stick to her body. Any metal object, including knives, would fly at her. The magnetic pull was so strong it would take another person to remove it

A girl named  Jennie Morgan from Sedalia, Missouri also had this strange ability. It was 1890 and Jennie was a  teenager at the time. Sparks would fly from her body in all directions, zapping objects as she passed them. people would also receive strong static electrical shocks when shaking her hand or  touching her . People stupid enough to try this would  usually end up unconscious. Jennie was not born this way and no explanation could be found as to why she suddenly was so  highly charged.

A man named Frank McKinstry also  from Missouri, suffered from high voltage syndrome. But in his case, for some reason  when he felt charged, he would have to keep moving. If he stopped, he would become stuck  to wherever  he'd stopped and could only be moved if someone else physically helped him to lift his feet.
 This strange phenomenon seems to effect people regardless of age  or gender, whether infant, teen, or adult, . One amazing case of an infant, born in 1869 in France, shot glowing bolts of energy from his fingers and would badly shocked anyone who touched him. The child only survived nine months, but at his death, a type of luminous aura was seen to surround his body.
In 1882 a six year old boy and two small infants we're also said to have had high voltage syndrome, the six year old boy gave off an strong shocks to anyone and anything around him. One of the infants was charged enough to light up a leyden jar just by touching it. The other infant could make any object that was close enough to him vibrate and was always surrounded by a soft white light visible to anyone who saw him.

 In February of 1976, a 12 year old boy named Vyvyan Jones from Henbury, Bristol broke his arm. For two days after his injury, his hair stood straight up on his head and he gave strong electric shocks to anyone around him. The television and lights were affected by his high voltage syndrome, flickering constantly until he left the room. Watches were also affected.He  was able to hold a light bulb in his hand and it would immediately light up. His phenomenon only lasted two days.

As if all this wasn't strange enough, There was another case of electric people/ high voltage syndrome in 1920. this time involving 34 prisoners.

All 34 inmates  had a bad case of  botulism. The poison obviously made them sick, but for some  unknown reason it also caused them to become highly charged with electricity, and for whatever reason the worse the poisoning was,  the higher the charge would become . Once they were completely recovered, they were  back to normal.

To this day it  is unknown as to what exactly causes this condition and the one's suffering from it often fill that they are alone, but there are around 30,000 - 100,000 people world wide that have it to some degree or another..... if you are one of them please fill free to send me a message i would love to talk with you about your experiences !



In 1982, an average teen named Benedetto Supino discovered something odd about himself.

One day while he was sitting in a dentist's waiting-room reading a comic book, when all of the sudden the book burst into flames right there in his hands......

Not long after, several reliable witnesses watched Benedetto set things on fire with nothing more than concentration but he lacked the ability to control his gift and lit more fires by accident than by consciously trying to.

One morning, he woke up  with his pajamas on fire he suffered severe burns. Soon after, his uncle just barley escaped serious injuries when a small plastic object he was holding began melting and bubbling as Supino stared at it. 

Furniture would also spontaneously light up in his presence.

Books and magazines began smoldering and small objects would belch smoke and begin to burn.

Even fuse boxes would suddenly catch fire when Supino was nearby.

His parents tried various medical professionals and specialists and at one point they even brought him to their archbishop but no one could help or explain why this was happening. 

Finally, he began seeing a parapsychologist named Dr. Demetrio Croce who helped train his concentration.

Today, Benedetto no  longer starts fires accidentally but the source of his ability still remains a mystery.

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electric people

SLIders phenomena stands for street lamp interference, it is the ability to interfere with the electric energy of a street light or other electric objects, whether by accident or  intentionally

Though to  spite of the name, SLIder phenomena is not only limited to street lights. Often people who with this  "ability" can't wear watches; they will stop working within a couple of days or weeks, regardless of how many new batteries are put in them. They also affect other electrical appliances such as headlights and alternators in car's, lights/light bulbs and computers. Light bulbs may blow every time a "SLIder" touches a lamp or a light switch. Computers may freeze up or experience other problems. CD players may change tracks suddenly whenever a SLIder is near. Magnetic phenomena may also manifest. For example, SLIders may be unable to use credit cards because the cards become unreadable after they've been carried on their person. Your irregular EKG is probably your energy causing the equipment to malfunction.

Those who share these experiences are often very relieved to hear that they are not alone. Most having spent years questioning what was happening, until eventually they were convinced that something unusual was going on, all independently report that high emotion plays a key role in such experiences. When they are upset, angry or simply very excited, the phenomena can really kick in though not always.

Super-charged bioenergy fields (auras) seem to be the cause. The human nervous system is chemical and electrical in nature. (Neurotransmitters are electrical impulses). When we are emotionally wound up, our nervous systems light up like a busy switchboard. While in most people this does not affect street lights, etc., in people who already have very high energy, getting revved up can boost them to a level where they actually affect electrical systems around them in noticeable ways. Many electrical appliances are easily affected or damaged by sparks of high voltage electricity. We might say that high energy people who are revved up send off "sparks" that trip or blow fuses.

As for what causes this, the theories vary. On the more  down to earth side of the spectrum, theorists suggest that these phenomena are entirely explainable in bioenergetic terms, though why some people seem to have higher energy than others, no one knows. As I see it, everything is related, so it's impossible to explain anything on a purely physical level.

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything that appears to be solid is in fact almost entirely empty space with patterns of energy running through it. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the Earth's electromagnetic field. Should our frequency become abnormally high or low, unusual things might begin to happen such as what i've describe in previous posts.

This shift in frequency could have a number of different causes. Many who have had near death experiences report SLIder phenomena afterwords. Other SLIders have been struck by lightning or suffered a major electrical shock at some point in the past...... In any case, it appears that something alters SLIders' energetic frequencies, thus causing unusual electrical phenomena.

It's important to note that electrical phenomena following the death of a loved one or following attempts at communication with loved ones in Spirit are often efforts by spirits to get our attention. Just as our own energy can affect electrical systems, so can the energy of spirits. In fact, working with non-physical energy/electricity is the easiest way for them to affect physical reality. Not all anomalous electrical manifestations are SLIder situations. (If you haven't yet i suggjust trying an EVP session evp stands for  "Electronic Voice Phenomena" and it's a way for spirits to communicate,More on this in later posts).............

At the same time, many "electric people" also report a high degree of psychic ability or related experiences. This only makes sense, since "high energy" means "high vibration," which is the foundation of psychic development.

In any case it is important to keep an open mind!

Truth is often stranger then fiction.

Vladimir Durov telepathic ability

Vladimir Durov telepathic ability....With just the power of his mind, he can seemingly command animals to do his bidding.

Vladimir Durov was a veteran performer in a Russian circus, and was by no means an ordinary animal trainer,  he claimed to use a remarkable method for communicating with his dog's - he was able to communicate with them through telepathy.

Professor W. Bechterev, head of the institute for the Investigation of the Brain in St. Petersburg, decided to test Durov's claim. Bechterev created a list of tasks that he wanted one of Durov's dogs to perform in a specific order, without any time for training. After hearing or reading the list of tasks, Durov went to his fox terrier, Pikki, took his head in his hands and stared straight into the little dog's eyes - psychicly transferring his thoughts directly into Pikki's brain. Durov released the dog and it immediately went about performing the assigned tasks. Thinking that perhaps Durov was giving the dog subtle clues with his eyes, the test was repeated with a new set of tasks, but this time with Durov blindfolded. Pikki still responded to his psychic commands.

Nina Kulagina. Famous Russian Psychic.

Nina Kulagina.

The photo on the side is of Nina using her powers on video.

Nina Kulagina....Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina.....Nelya Mikhailova.
Born in 1926 lived until 1990
Power,....Telekinesis / Psychokinesis

Nina Kulagina was a Russian psychic, who according to numerous people including well known scientists, news papers and many eyewitness reports, possessed a wide array of seemingly supernatural powers.

Although Nina had many different ability's, she is best known for her (telekinesis/psychokinesis powers )...Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using thought alone,...without having ever made physical contact with the object itself. Nina was filmed demonstrating her powers and the scientist's claimed that her ability's where real. During her childhood Nina grew up in Leningrad.
She was only 14 when the nazis began there attack on the city, it was at this time that Nina along with her brother,sister, and father joined the Russian army. Aside from living with the constant horrors of war the living conditions during the 900 day assault on Leningrad were horrendous. Nina and the other solders had to suffer through constant battle, freezing winter temperatures, small food rations, and on top of all this there city was devastated by continues bombing leaving them without water and electricity.During the war Nina served on the front lines as a radio operator in a T-34 tank.
She would go on to become a senior sergeant in the army, her military career came to an end when she was injured but artillery fire, Luckily she manged to make a full recovery and would go on to get married and have a son.

Nina claims she had always known about her srange ability's.
According to some accounts whenever she met someone ill she was able to discern what ailment they were suffering from, and that she could tell what someone had in there pockets because of an image she would get in her mind. One time when Nina was in a bad mood in her home. She began to walk towards the cabinet, when all of the sudden a cut began to move on its own it then fell to the floor and shattered. Not long after that, other strange things began to happen. Objects began to move by them self, and seemed to be attracted to her. The lights in her apartment would go on and off on there own.
Nina would later discover that when she concentrated, she could control this strange occurrence's. n 1964 Nina suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized, well in the hospital she took up sewing. According to a published report Nina's doctors where stunned when they witnessed her reaching into a basket and pulling out any colour of thread she wanted, without ever looking into the basket. Local paranormal researchers where notified, and the following year after Nina had mad a complete recovery, she took part in numerous experiment's set up by the researchers in order to test the full extent of her powers. According to the tests Nina could indeed see colors with her fingertips as the doctor's had stated the previous year. It was also discovered that she possessed a type of healing ability, she could heal wound on her body just by holding her hand above them. Later when her psychokinesis was tested by Russian scientists the results of those test where so incredible that they made her use a false name. In order to keep her real name secret she was given the name Nelya Mikhailova. However to this day the full results of these tests have never been revealed, and more then likely they never will.
One of the first scientist's to test Nina was a Biologist named Edward Naumov.
Although the details of Edwards test are often sketch at best, According to many accounts his test consisted of spreading numerous matches on a large bench, then he would have Nina approach at which point she would raise her hand over the matches and they would suddenly begin to move to the edge of the bench together and fall to the ground. However this required a lot of concentration her hands would begin to shake, this ability put a lot of strain on her body.
Nina's telekinesis was not an easy feat to preform often times requiring many hours of preparation in order to properly clear her mind of all other thoughts and concentrate on her powers. However Sceptics like to point out the fact that the hours of preparation Nina took could have been used to help fake her powers.
In one of the experiments Nina would be seated at a table and instructed to concentrate on various small objects usually a matchbook loose matches or even a wineglass, and then make them move using her telekinesis.
Fantastic tails of Nina's extraordinaire ability's began to reach the U.S. Through the international wire service.
Later in the spring of 1968 films on Nina demonstrating her ability's, where shown at the First Moscow International Conference on Parapsychology. U.S. scientist's witnessed these films and for a shot time were allowed to meet with and interview some of Russia's other psychics and mediums, afterwords they were aloud to meet with Nina and see her psychokinesis for themselves.
In 1970 a man named William A McGary along with a group of U.S. paranormal investigators researching Russian psychics and mediums described a meeting with Nina in which she was able to move several small objects such as matches, bottle tops, and a wedding ring across a table without ever touching them.
Another one of the U.S. researchers named Gaither Pratt, from the University of Virginia stated that the objects that Nina was able to move all varied in size, shape, weight and material, and that the objects usually moved at a slow steady course, but every now and then the objects would Nina was controlling would move in fits and jerks. According to there accounts there were many measures taken to guaranty Nina was not cheating during the experiments by using any hidden threads or magnets, and all of the filmed experiments seem to prove that no know force could explain how Nina was moving the objects.
Through it is not really known how well Nina was checked before the beginning of the experiments.
A man named Dr. Zdenek Rejdak a Czech scientist with ties to a Prague Military Institute, personally tested Nina and later for some reason or another choose to reporter his findings to a far from scientific paper called Czech Pravda.
His statement is as follows....
"I visited the Kulagina family the evening of February 26, 1968 Mr Blazek, an editor friend was with me, also a physician, Dr. J.S. Zverev, and Dr. Sergeyev. Her husband, an engineer, was also present. Dr. Zverev gave Mrs. Kulagina a very thorough physical examination. Tests with special instruments failed to show any indication whatever of magnets or other concealed objects."
"We checked the table thoroughly and also asked Mrs. Kulagina to frequently change positions at the table. We passed a compass around her body and the chair and table with negative results. I asked her to wash her hands. After concentrating, she turned the compass needle more then ten times, then the entire compass and it's case, a matchbox and some twenty matches at once. I placed a cigarette in front of her. She moved that too, at a glance. I shredded it afterwards and there was nothing inside it. In between each set of tests, she was again physically examined by the doctor."
During one of the filmed experiments conducted by a group of well known physicists , many small non- magnetic objects such as matches and other such objects were placed in a large Plexiglas box. The box was created in order to prevent strings, wires and air from affecting the objects This are some of the methods Nina's sceptics believed she was cheating. But even with the box the objects inside would still movie when Nina concentrated and moved her hands near the box without touching it....During one extraordinary demonstration Nina was filmed levitating a small ping pong ball in mid air for a few seconds. "There may still be a few videos of this demonstration on Youtube unfortunately a lot of the footage is really old and kind of grainy."
According to a well know physicist named Dr. V.F. Shvetz. Nina in addition to being a skilled telekinetic she also possessed an odd ability to make the letter A or O appear on photos she was also able to make an outline of a form she had seen before appear on photos ."This ability is called Thoughtography" Thoughtography is the ability to transfer thoughts onto photographs through intense concentration. Also every once in awhile strange burn marks would suddenly form on Nina's hands there was even some reports that on few occasion's scientist's to there surprise witnessed Nina's cloths unexplainably catch fire. Later on towards the end of her life Nina appeared on television to demonstrate her powers, causing bright red marks to appear on the arm of one of the journalists.
In one of Nina's oddest filmed experiments, the scientist placed a raw egg suspended in a saline solution roughly 2 meters away from were she was seated. Nina was then asked to concentrate on the egg and try to separate the yolk from white she was successful at that task and found that if she concentrated hard enough she could put the two back together again. But by far Nina's most unusual filmed experiment took place in a laboratory in Leningrad on March 19, 1970. At this point the scientists were satisfied with the results of Nina's previous tests on inanimate objects. But they still wanted to see how far Nina's ability's extended and if her powers could have any effect on living organs and tissue. Dr. Sergeyev was one of many scientists in attending when they placed a frog in a saline solution and Nina was asked to use her power to try and stop the frogs heart beat and then start it up again. So she began to focus all of her power on the frogs hart beat at first she mad it beat faster then slower and slower finally stopping it. Nina could also effect a human heart beat as one hostile psychiatrist found out first hand after frighting her.
It would seem that Nina's ability's put a large strain on her body the more she used them, At one point after preforming some of her tests with Dr. Rejdek Nina had almost no pulse and was completely exhausted she could barely move and during that 30 minute session she had lost almost four pounds of bodyweight. Statements made by Dr. Zverev indicated that her heart beat was irregular, her endocrine system was disturbed and she had high blood sugar all indications of stress. On top of those symptom's she would also suffer from pains in her arms and legs , dizziness, lose of taste and lose of coordination.
This continued to progress until one day in the late 1970's Nina almost died from a heart attack, her doctor's suggested that she refrain from using her powers the way she use to however Nina would continue with some of her lab work until her death in 1990. It is widely believed that these continued experiments lead to physical exhaustion and were a major contributing factor in her death Nina was praised by the Soviet Union as a "Hero of Leningrad" for her brave service in World War 2, as well as her dedicated work in the field of psychic research, and helping to try and achieve a better understanding of the Paranormal.
More Info...........
The New Soviet Psychic Discovery....By Henry Gris and William Dick, 1979

Angelique Cottin

Electrokinesis / Psychokinesis.

Angelique was an average peasant girl from Normandy, Who for one reason or another seemed to posses a strange electric ability that created a odd effect on the objects and people around her. Although this seemingly paranormal phenomena was very similar to what we now commonly associated with (poltergeists activity or possibly psychokinesis). Angelique would become know as The Electric Girl. her  ability though rare is not uncommon. However she is one of the more well know cases, Because her case was one of the first of a supernatural kind to be studied in a scientific manner.

According to the story's the odd phenomena  started at around eight o'clock on the evening of January 15, 1846, in La Perriere, France. Angelique 14 years old at the time, along with a few other girls were busy weaving silk gloves on a large oak frame, when to there surprise the heavy wooden frame began to move about all on it's own, and though the girls tried they could not keep the frame from moving. Frightened they called the neighbor for help, unfortunately he did not believe them and told the girls to get back to work. So still frightened over what had just happened the girls slowly returned to the frame, it was still until Angelique came close then suddenly it began to move again. The other girls where afraid but Angelique was not frightened by this strange event instead she felt some kind of attraction towards it.

After hearing about what had happened with the frame Angelique parents became worried, even  fearing that there daughter may have been possessed, they sought help from the local Church in order to preform an exorcism. But the church  refused to do an exorcism instead the priest wanted to see this strange phenomena for himself, after witnessing it he was convinced that this was not demonic possession but instead something physical. he then told her parents to take her to see a doctor.

 Angelique's ability's continued to grow, when she would try to sit in a was immediately pushed away. At one point with just a touch from her a large 6o pound table lifted into the air. if she would try to sleep in a bed, it would rock uncontrollably. It got to the point that the only place she could sleep was on a large rock covered with cork. Every time she would go near a small object it would move away from her in the opposite direction without any apparent physical contact by Angelique. Even a light touch from her hand or apron would make objects and furniture start moving around or even flying across the room, in some instances this would happen even if the object has being held down or sat in at the time. People who where close to Angelique even without touching her would sometimes get an electric shock.

Many times there seemed to be a cold wind blowing when she was around .....this also happens in some hunting's or poltergeist investigations. It is also noted that when her powers where active Angelique's heart rate would increase to at least 120 beats per minute and that she was injured by her involuntary movement's during convolution's she would suffer from well using her power. Whenever this would happen she became frightened and would run away from the scene.

For some reason her ability was weaker when she would stand on a carpet or waxed cloth, but whenever she would stand on the ground they would be drastically stronger. Also for some strange reason metals were not affected by her powers witch was strange because her powers seemed to be some sort of electricity.

When she was tired her powers would become weaker and some times they would even stop for two or three days at a time and then just suddenly start up again without warning.

Later one of the doctors Angelique had been seeing took her and her parents to Paris, France Where they meet with a large group of scientists at the observatory.

All of the scientists had been appointed to this case be The Academy of Science. After numerous tests they all came to the conclusion that Angelique's strange powers were real. Later a report of there findings where published by the well know physicist Francois Arago, in The Journal des debates on February of 1846.

Arago seemed to believe that Angelique's powers were some kind of strange electromagnetism....

Arago recorded a lot of strange facts about her ability's. One thing he concluded is that for some reason the left side of her body, more specifically her left hand and pelvis seemed to be where most of the repulsive energy originated from and that when she used her powers that side of her body was warmer then the right side and that she suffered from convulsions so badly that when she started to shake, if you were to grab her hand you would begin to shake as well.

Another thing he noted is that her ability's did not happen continuously but rather spontaneous during the day and at there strongest in the evenings between seven and nine o/clock.

Whenever they would place a piece of paper, a pen or any other small object on the table , and Angelique wold move towards it with her left hand the object would go flying off the table as if thrown by a gust of wind without any physical contact.....The table itself would be sent across the room the moment she touched it with her hand, or even by a thread she was holding.`Threw his observation of Angelique ability's Arago was able to confirm what others had witnessed earlier.

That being........that Angelique needed only a light touch from her body or clothing to move or flip furniture, and that she could not touch an object without it being thrown to the ground or breaking apart.

Most likely Arago came up with his theory about electromagnetism after witnessing Angelique's strange sensitivity to magnets.

If a magnet was hung in a horizontal position the needle would swing rapidly with the movement's of her arm even though she never made physical contact with it, or it would stay still well deviating in the opposite magnetic direction of Angelique.. Whenever she would go towards the north pole of a magnet she would get a very powerful electric shock, while the south pole had no effect of her.

The scientists tested this many times even switching the poles without her knowing and yet Angelique was always able to tell them the north side and the south side based on the different sensations she felt..but even with this strange ability she seemed to have no effect on the needle of a compass even though Arago had expected there to be some kind of reaction.

Even with the violent convolution's and the unpredictable nature of her power Angelique seemed to be in relatively good health throughout her entire ordeal, it was suggested at one point that the cause of this strange phenomena may have been nervous condition she was suffering from at the time.

Argo finished his study's by saying: ( The case of Angelique Cottin demonstrated: "That, under peculiar, conditions the human organism gives forth a physical power which, without visible instruments, lifts heavy bodies, attracts or repels them, according to the laws of polarity, overturns them and produces the phenomena of sound.

But that was not the end of it after the case study had finished, and against the doctors advice, Angelique's parents being poor and thinking they could turn a profit on her behalf, started exhibiting her as a kind of side show attraction to paying visitors. Although by that time the phenomena had probably stopped and she was encouraged to fake what had once been a real ability.

On April 10, 1846 , her powers just stopped, and never came back....

Rosa Kuleshova.

Rosa Kuleshova.
Russian psychic, power...." Dermo Optical Perception"....Eyeless Sight!

Rosa Kuleshova, age 22 ....
1955 - 1978.........

Although Rosa was a unique individual, she was always a somewhat unimportant person in her home town "Nizhni Tagil" in the Urals Mountains. It wasn't until a well know Russian psychiatrist named Dr. Isaac Goldberg published a report documenting accounts of previous experiment's with Rosa in 1968, That people started taking notice, soon afterwards news of her strange ability's began to spread throughout Russia among the scientific community. A short time after the article's publication Rosa was invited to the Biophysics Institute of the Soviet Academy in Moscow where she underwent various experiments to test the extent of her powers. However all of this a attention soon went to her head, and after retuning to her home town she seemed to have some difficulty retuning to her normal life.

Not too long after coming home Rose found herself wanting to return to Moscow for further testing. She soon began making claims that she could not back up. On some occasion's even attempting to cheat, this lead some scientists to question whether or not her ability's where ever genuine to begin with. The next experiments were conducted in a highly controlled environment to ensure that no cheating would take place Rosa's ability's were deemed real after these experiment's. Later during a trip to Moscow in 1964 a reporter for "Life " named Bob Brigham witnessed Rosa's ability's for himself and stated that "She was fully capable of reading the small print on his business cards using only her elbow even though her eyes were completely covered making normal vision impossible." Not long afterwords other Russian psychics were discovered with this same ability's as Rosa or some very similar anyway.

Many of Rosa's family members where blind, and Rose had learned at an early age to read both normal print and braille. In Rosa's mind there was no fine distinction between the two forms of reading.

In an attempt to prove to his colleagues that Rosa's ability's were real Dr. Goldberg had her admitted to the Sverdlov Clinic for Nervous Disorders. At which time Rosa was blindfolded, the blindfold was checked and after confirming that she could not see what was going on the test began. Rosa started by piking a book at random and then raising her right hand and slowly moving it across the pages, she was able to easily read the text out loud. She could do the same with a newspaper. At one point the scientists handed her a photograph Rosa gently felt the picture and said " What a cute little girl with a ribbon in her hair and her face tilted upward!"

It would seem that Rosa was also capable of feeling colors with her hands as well. Stating that the color White felt smooth, Red felt grained and rough, and Blue felt wavy. In an attempt to rule out physical texture the neurologist's decided to test her using colored lights, they began by shinning a red light on a green book changing it's appearance to blue. Rosa correctly stated that the book was blue, then the turned off the red light making the book green again. Rosa still wearing the blindfold was amazed that the book could some how change colors.

Throughout her life Rosa suffered from epilepsy, and even though her brain-wave patters would change well she used her power to this day scientists were never able to find a correlation between her ability's and the epilepsy.

In 1978 Rosa Kuleshova died from a brain tumor.

The reports of Rosa's tests and her success in demonstrating her ability in the editorial office of the Moscow Journal Technika Mologji were reported in The International Journal of Paraphysice Volume. 13 nos. 3, 4...... just prior to her death.

Further Reading..............
The Encyclopedia of Parapsychology and Research.... By Arther S Berger, and Joyce Berger.

Stella C Cranshaw.  Psychic/Medium.

Stella C Cranshaw,...Dorothy Stella Cranshaw, and later....Stella Cranshaw Deacon, after her marriage.

Photo from 1923.

Dorothy Stella Cranshaw was by all a counts an average young woman or as Harry Price would later say "A typical English girl".

Stella was the 22 year old daughter of a charcoal burner (A person who's job it is to make charcoal) She was born in the year 1900 in North Woolwich, London, and she worked as a nurse at a hospital in London. One day after boarding a train she soon became bored, not long afterward she meet a man named Harry Price,...Price was a researcher who was very interested in the paranormal, though at this point in his lift he was growing tired of all the false claims and down right hoax's . It was on this day in early 1923 that he boarded a train heading for home, by mere coincidence Stella had boarded the same train. When she saw a large stack of magazines and news papers next to him, having brought nothing to read for herself during the trip, she ask if she could read his copy of "Light" a magazine dedicated the the study of psychic research and paranormal phenomena.

Afterwords during there conversation Stella seemed to show a vague curiosity in psychic and paranormal phenomena, even though she had a few unique personal psychic experience's herself. She continued to tell Price of her personal experience's, stating that on some occasion's well she was siting in a quite room, suddenly small objects like matches, matchbox's...etc would begin to move on there own, there would be a breeze even though it was a calm day and the window was closed, and sometimes she would wittiness flashes of light followed be strange raping sounds. Stella loved flowers and she stated that the breeze would almost always occur well she was near flowers, and that sometimes well seating at a desk with a vase of flowers near by there would be a gentle breeze blowing across her face and making the flowers bend in the vase.

Harry Price a psychical investigator of the early 1900's was an avid believer in the paranormal and like many researchers of the time he was on an ambitious quest to locate and study individuals claiming to possess psychic / paranormal powers. In an attempt to prove to the world that such ability's really do exist......He would later become famous for his Borley Rectory investigation..(More on that case later..)

Price being the dedicated researcher that he is, was obviously exited at the prospect of finding a genuine psychic/ medium, and he was soon able to convinced Stella to take part in a number of seance's. Up until this point Stella had only attended one seance in her life when she was eleven years old, she then had to be removed from the seance because of her incessant giggling.

Stella attended three series of sittings each consisting of several session's. ( one in 1923, 1926, and 1928.) The first sitting took place at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, in March 1923. Price went to great lengths to guarantee that no fraud would take place during the sittings, he would have the door locked and the key removed so that no one could sneak into the room,.... the room it self was arranged in a cautious manner to prevent tampering with anything inside of it, Stella was constantly monitored and her hands and feet were controlled by the other people attending the session.

Price was also very careful when making his selection of guests that wold later take part in the session's. Some of his more well known guests where Eileen Garret, a talented medium from Ireland and Eric Dingwall, who at the time served as a research officer at the Society for Psychical Research.

Two other well known scientists who attended Stella's seance's included, R. J. Til-yard, and Julian Huxley.

During Stella's sittings over a five years course, there were many various kinds of paranormal activity witnessed. Such as odd flashes of light, strange tapping sounds, the levitation of small objects and furniture, and on some occasion's the complete destruction of the levitating furniture as well as odd temperatur fluctuation's during one or her sittings on April 19 1923 the temperature dropped from 63 to 43. and during these events there was almost always a cold breeze felt near by. Another interesting fact, is that Stella's telekinetic powers seemed to be at their strongest during these tempter changes.

Price used many different tools during his investigation most of which he designed and built himself.

One of his creations was a large hollow double table, the table was surrounded on all sides by gauze mesh and had a large shelf inside, if some one tried to tamper with the items inside the gauze would be torn. there was also a trapdoor on the table, the door had been designed so that it was easy to open from the inside of the table but not the outside making it increasingly difficult to try and cheat once the table had been sealed. In one of the sittings several small musical instruments had been placed inside of the table, and even though the table had been sealed and no one had access to what was inside, the instruments began to play on their own, first a mouth organ and then an auto harp, this happened many times, and it was always followed be strand flashes of light near Stella.

Another one of Price's tools which he referred to as a "Shadow Apparatus" was used in order to try and determine the shape or form of whatever had effected the instruments inside of the table. The apparatus consisted on a telephoto lens was inside as a projector and it was attached to a metal box with a battery and a small lamp inside, when the lamp was on a small beam of light was focused into the lens and then though a ruby filter and onto a luminescent screen it would then cast a visible shadow on the screen making and showing the form of whatever it was that had effected there instruments during an earlier siting.

They recorded some pretty interesting results with this device.

The following statement was made by Eric Dingwall after one of Stella's sittings, keep in mind that Eric was a skeptic and even he was surprised by what he had witnessed.

Eric's statement is as follows......

"When the red light was switched on under the table, I lay down on the floor and looked up through the passage towards the luminous screen. From near the mediums foot, which was invisible, I saw an egg-shaped body beginning to crawl towards the center of the floor under the table. It was white and where the light was reflected it appeared opel. To the end nearest the medium was attached a thin white neck, like a piece of macaroni. It advanced toward the center and then rapidly withdrew into the shadows"

During one of Stella's sessions on April 12, 1923, a table was again witnessed moving on it's own and at one point Stella even made contact with a being known as Palma ( Believed by some to be her spirit guide) However the most eventful part of this sitting occurred half way through the session's, When Stella entered a seemingly trance like state and told one of the participant's there a woman named Miss. Phillimore, that she could see a news paper, and the front page read "Daily Mail ,dated May, 19,1923. She then went on to describe the paper, saying that she could read the words "Andrew Salt" printed in big words, and that for some reason she keeps seeing the image of a young boy falling, followed by doctors standing over him pouring of some kind of white powder. At the time no one saw much importance in Stella's vision. However some thirty seven days later the Daily Mail ran a large add on there front page for "Andrews Liver Salt,accompanied bu a picture of a boy who had spilt salt from a plate he was holding.

When contacted by the researchers the salt company stated that they had not shown the poster to anyone until May, and the Daily Mail said they had not even received a picture for the add until April 28th ( three weeks before the add was scheduled to run. This session is still regarded as one of Stella's most successful sittings.

The first of Stella's session's/seance's began on March, 1923. The second took place on April 10, 1926 and the third started in 1928. By this point Stella's powers had weakened or she was no longer all that interested in using them anymore, either way every time she would use her ability's, it would take a lot of her energy leaving her both mentally and psychically exhausted.

The seance's in 1928 where her last, not long after she and Harry Price parted ways.
and some time later in 1928 Stella married. Leslie Deacon.

To this day the records and accounts of Stella's amazing ability's still reside in the Harry Price Library at the University of London.

Some interesting books...

The Supernatural, by Anthony North.

Harry Price - Ghost Hunter, by Paul Tabori.

16 year old toddler

Brooke Greenberg. 

The ageless Infant.

Both scientist's and doctors alike are completely  baffled at the discovery of an infant, that for whatever reason doesn't seem to age.

By all standard account's Brook Greenberg appears to be your average care free and happy toddler, at first glance you would think nothing was out of the ordinary there right?....well you would be wrong.

Because baby Brook is not really an infant at all rather she is a sixteen year old girl, who for some reason doesn't seem to age, or at least not in the way we normally think of ageing.

Brooke just turned 16 in January. She is 30 inches tall and weighs 16 pounds.

During  an interview.....

"Why doesn't she age? said Brooke's father Howard Greenberg.

It is that very question that have scientist's so interested in young Brooke! There are many different known ailment's that effect the healthy growth of children, some of which are directly responsible for causing abnormalities such as dwarfism or symptoms of rapid ageing (progeria). But according to her pediatrician Lawrence Pakula, from the Johns Hopkins school of Medicine in Baltimore, Brooke's case may be unique, Even some of the most well known scientific minds in this field of study are at a lose to explain this case, to date they have never seen a case like this, says Dr. Pakula.

Another doctor named Richard Walker from the University of South Florida College of Medicine, in Tampa, says that Brooke's body is not developing as a coordinated unit, rather individual parts seem to be growing out of sync with one another. To date Brooke has never been diagnosed with any known chromosomal anomalies or genetic syndrome's.

Dr. Walker along with two other scientist's, Lawrence Pakula and Maxine Sutcliffe, a geneticist from the All Children's Hospital in St.Petersburg, FL. Recently co-authored a paper for the journal "Mechanisms of Ageing and Development." In this article they say that there were a number of odd occurrence's related to Brooke's growth.... Throughout her life there has been very little change in her brain and cognitive function, and her various body parts arms, legs...etc seem to age at a slightly different pace then the other rather then maturing at the same pace, they also noted that her bone structure seems to be about 10 years old, and even though she is now 16 years old she still has her baby teeth.

Melanie Greenberg Brooks mother says, "She loves to shop"

Brooke rides along in the stroller whenever her mother goes shopping.

Melanie says.........

"That Brooke is in her mid-teens is so mind boggling that if another mother with a toddler asks how old she is?, she usually doesn't try to explain it."

"My system has always bee to turn years into months." She said that way if some one asked today i mite say she's 16 months old."

Brooke's family consists of her mother and father Melanie and Howard Greengerg and her three sisters 22 year old Emily, 19 year old Caitlin and 13 year old Carly, all of which are of an average size.

"She looks like a 6-month old, but she kind of has the personality of a 16 year old."
"Sometimes we joke about how she rebels." said Caitlin.

Brooke will resist and refuse activities that don't appeal to her by vocalizing her displeasure, not with words. but with sounds typical of an infant. "She makes it known what she likes and what she doesn't like." said Emily.

and Carly said,
It no longer seems strange to have an older sister who is still essentially an infant. "As i got older she was just like another little sister to me."

If you would like to know more about Brooke watch ABC's 20/20 this Friday June 26 at 10:00pm EST.

Brooke's story, a documentary about Brooke's and her amazing story will also be airing on TLC on Sunday August 2 at 9:00pm check your local listings for the correct time in your area.