Friday, December 24, 2010


In 1982, an average teen named Benedetto Supino discovered something odd about himself.

One day while he was sitting in a dentist's waiting-room reading a comic book, when all of the sudden the book burst into flames right there in his hands......

Not long after, several reliable witnesses watched Benedetto set things on fire with nothing more than concentration but he lacked the ability to control his gift and lit more fires by accident than by consciously trying to.

One morning, he woke up  with his pajamas on fire he suffered severe burns. Soon after, his uncle just barley escaped serious injuries when a small plastic object he was holding began melting and bubbling as Supino stared at it. 

Furniture would also spontaneously light up in his presence.

Books and magazines began smoldering and small objects would belch smoke and begin to burn.

Even fuse boxes would suddenly catch fire when Supino was nearby.

His parents tried various medical professionals and specialists and at one point they even brought him to their archbishop but no one could help or explain why this was happening. 

Finally, he began seeing a parapsychologist named Dr. Demetrio Croce who helped train his concentration.

Today, Benedetto no  longer starts fires accidentally but the source of his ability still remains a mystery.

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