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high voltage syndrome, Caroline Clare, Vyvyan Jones, Jennie Morgan......

Static electricity  always seems to be stronger in the winter. 

But can you  imagine living with a high static  charge all the time, there are people who cannot go  near  computers, In part due to the excess amount of static electricity on there body's as well as a lack of control on there part, though  to be fair this ability can sometimes start and then stop just like that, leaving no time to train it.... People with High voltage syndrome can cause computers to shut down or malfunction. Others must  even be careful about something as mundane as  pumping gas because just one accidental  spark from their fingers can cause the pumps to explode and, possibly, kill them or others. Thankfully, most of us only have a small degree of static charge, but others are not as lucky....

People with "high voltage syndrome". are also  called "Electric People". or SLIders which stands for streetlight interference.....

A few well known  Electric people........

Caroline Clare, a 17 year old girl from London, Ontario. suddenly became ill in 1877, and rapidly dropped in weight from around 200lbs to only a mere 90 pounds. Caroline had strange unexplainable seizures that would allow her to describe places far from Ontario that she'd never been too. Her illness lasted until she was around 18-1/2 years old, but it did not end there.

Caroline's illness was replaced with strong electric discharges which in turn caused  her body to magnetize to the point that anything metal around her would stick to her body. Any metal object, including knives, would fly at her. The magnetic pull was so strong it would take another person to remove it

A girl named  Jennie Morgan from Sedalia, Missouri also had this strange ability. It was 1890 and Jennie was a  teenager at the time. Sparks would fly from her body in all directions, zapping objects as she passed them. people would also receive strong static electrical shocks when shaking her hand or  touching her . People stupid enough to try this would  usually end up unconscious. Jennie was not born this way and no explanation could be found as to why she suddenly was so  highly charged.

A man named Frank McKinstry also  from Missouri, suffered from high voltage syndrome. But in his case, for some reason  when he felt charged, he would have to keep moving. If he stopped, he would become stuck  to wherever  he'd stopped and could only be moved if someone else physically helped him to lift his feet.
 This strange phenomenon seems to effect people regardless of age  or gender, whether infant, teen, or adult, . One amazing case of an infant, born in 1869 in France, shot glowing bolts of energy from his fingers and would badly shocked anyone who touched him. The child only survived nine months, but at his death, a type of luminous aura was seen to surround his body.
In 1882 a six year old boy and two small infants we're also said to have had high voltage syndrome, the six year old boy gave off an strong shocks to anyone and anything around him. One of the infants was charged enough to light up a leyden jar just by touching it. The other infant could make any object that was close enough to him vibrate and was always surrounded by a soft white light visible to anyone who saw him.

 In February of 1976, a 12 year old boy named Vyvyan Jones from Henbury, Bristol broke his arm. For two days after his injury, his hair stood straight up on his head and he gave strong electric shocks to anyone around him. The television and lights were affected by his high voltage syndrome, flickering constantly until he left the room. Watches were also affected.He  was able to hold a light bulb in his hand and it would immediately light up. His phenomenon only lasted two days.

As if all this wasn't strange enough, There was another case of electric people/ high voltage syndrome in 1920. this time involving 34 prisoners.

All 34 inmates  had a bad case of  botulism. The poison obviously made them sick, but for some  unknown reason it also caused them to become highly charged with electricity, and for whatever reason the worse the poisoning was,  the higher the charge would become . Once they were completely recovered, they were  back to normal.

To this day it  is unknown as to what exactly causes this condition and the one's suffering from it often fill that they are alone, but there are around 30,000 - 100,000 people world wide that have it to some degree or another..... if you are one of them please fill free to send me a message i would love to talk with you about your experiences !



  1. Hi my name is Chuck. I have sli. I dont know if sli and hvs are the same but from what i hear theyre similar.
    Every night at least one streetlight goes out. My cell phone tweaks out, my watch stops and starts working whenever it wants, my car radio does random things, my computer screen gets overwhelmed and goes white, then i have to turn off my computer and turn it back on again. In my old truck i went through 8 headlights, taillights, or blinkers and 3 tickets for them. My tv at my old house would turn off and on randomly only when i was in the room. Also when i was around 5 or 7 years off age a bolt of lighting struck 15 feet away from me.
    Please get back to me i would like to learn more.

  2. Hello Chuck, sorry for the late rely...Glad you like my blog and i hope this comment helps you at least a little! First things first weather you are a kid, teen, or adult, if you have an ability be careful who you tell parents, friends, or online, you never know who your talking to or how they will react, If you post online DON'T use your real name use a combination of names you like or just random first and last names don't reveal your real name or address to anyone or the extent of your ability's and never post a videos or photo demonstrating your ability....SLI is a cool one, But at a young age that ability is more or less spontaneous and random, High Voltage Syndrome and SLI do seem to differ in some areas they can both happen out of nowhere and then stop just as suddenly as they started But SLI seems to be something your born with weather or not it's hereditary i'm not sure, some people are the only one's in there family's that experience this, others have multiple family member's with similar ability's at varying degrees, High Voltage Syndrome can be caused by sickness or injury, sever food poising under rare circumstance's or even a broken bone may cause it for some reason but it will usually clear up eventually there may be time's when a person under a lot of stress may periodically experience H,V,S or SLI....

  3. Your case sounds like spontaneous SLI have you ever had any conscious control over it or dose it just happen at random times? One method to control this ability is to buy a small florescent tube light, there easier to use then a normal light, Try siting in a quiet place close your eye's and clear your mind completely..Inhale through your nose at a steady even rate and let your stomach push out relax your diaphragm and take in as much air as your lungs can comfortably take in, your stomach should be raising as you breath, then slowly exhale through your mouth and allow your stomach to return to normal, exhaling should take twice as long as inhaling do this for about five minutes or so at the beginning, when your finished with that keep your breathing under control and slowly put your hands near the tube light don't touch your mind picture an electric current flowing from your stomach into your arm's then to your finger tip's and finally into the light, picture the light slowly beginning to glow dimly at first and then brighter, it may take some time to see results possibly years but when you finally do, take it slow and don't push your self. if on the other hand you don't want the ability to continue or if it's at a level that you can't control and you are already giving or receiving shocks and messing up equipment on a semi regular bases then one suggestion would be to try and move to a place with higher humidity if that's not an option try connecting a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil to the bottom of your shoes that should keep you grounded and prevent most if not all the extra current from building up too much, just be careful because your shoes will be slippery also keep in mind the human body generates it's own electric current and SLI or H,V,S amplify that to higher levels on top of that static electricity on a normal human body can build to over 20,000 volts and there's no guaranty that your ability will be around for ever or that you will be able to fully control them but keep practicing let me know how it goes and keep in touch...

  4. One more thing there are very few people out there with real ability's electric or otherwise that are willing to talk to "normal" people with out some kind of proof that you have an ability too the one's with full control hardly ever talk to other people about this at all and the ones with the lower levels that have come forward usually end up being exploited on some tv show or being poked and prodded as someones science project All are label Freak and if your a kid / teen right now it would wise to talk to your parents about it before showing your friends or others,...I hope you learn to control your SLI. Good Luck :)

  5. Hi its Chuck. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. To be honest i didn't think i would get any response. ~How old i am shouldn't matter,; age is just a #, 19 years old (but i feel like i'm thirty for what its worth).
    Anyway I've been talking to people a lot lately. I mentioned it to my father and as it turns out he has it too, he just wrote it off and never told anyone about it. Another night my buddy was confiding in me and i told him about it, he laughed and said it happens to him too. He told me when he lived in California he had a street lamp he called his "pet lamp". It would go out for him EVERY time he came to it. I told him i had one to.. Later that night we drove to my pet lamp and turned off the car, drank beer, and shot the breeze while this light when off -(it went out as i drove underneath it)- came back on, got increasingly brighter, then went out, again and again and again. ~Eventually the cops showed up and we had to talk our way out of going to jail, but that's neither here nor there~
    I had read about how the presence of another slider compounds the effect, and it does. Also we were having some in-depth conversations, and as with deep thought the effect increases, which turned out to be true: It took 3 seconds for the light to go out from the time it came back on, something that usually takes 2-3 minutes without extenuating circumstances (i.e. the second slider and deep thought)
    As for not using my real name, I go by a bunch of names, the name isn't phony, but then again i don't really care what anyone will say if they read this. Also were not few and far between, those of us that have sli and whatever else may be out there. The problem is that none of us is willing to say anything because when it first starts happening, you think your going crazy or seeing things. I hope to hear back from you as i'm new to the whole blogging thing.

  6. Back again,~Chuck~ Took your advice and changed my name- Also, i want to try that florescent tube trick... Do you have sli or some variation, how did you figure the florescent thing out?
    On a sidenote, I have never been able to control it, I thought that i "made" it happen a couple of times, i "thought" i would blow out lights or tried messing with my tape deck of my car radio, and the tape deck would eject the tape, with or without an actual tape in it(yeah i know i actually own a tape deck and cassette tape in 2010, it is one of those tapes with an audio jack connected) and the flood or street lamp would blow out... But the thing was i couldn't prevent these things from happening, the tape deck would tweak out when i wasn't trying to mess with it and an additional street lamp blew that i did not focus on ( i think i blew three or four that night: one flood lamp and two or three street lamps)... So i dont think these happenstances were caused by me, at least consciously- if at all. Although i do have sli, i dont think all electronic mess ups or electrical whatever are due to me. After all, That would be vain.
    But if you can help me with this i can't describe how thankful ill be,.. The things that i could do.
    I have been doing research on tesla, radio waves, elctromagnetic fields, ElecMag spectrum, static fields and how all this stuff is related. To be honest its starting to make sense how hvs or sli could affect a field and inturn produce surges or instead "telekenisis". Anyway, will deff keep in touch, but i might get sidetracked so it may take awhile to get back to you next time.

  7. I wonder if I have this, "high voltage syndrome." I've been researching for hours this morning to try and find a name for this thing that happens to me and maybe this fits! I use to try and wear watches, but no longer... The batteries die within minutes of wearing them. I recently took my digital camera to the camera shop to get it fixed. It kept on going dead in under a minute no matter how many times I'd change the batteries, tried rechargeable and regular batteries.. still die right away! Oddly enough the guy at the camera shop, asked me if I wore watches... I told him no, that they use to always malfunction too fast and be useless to me anyway. He told me he's known a few people like this, and he had me do an experiment..... He opened a new pack of batteries and put two in my little camera and handed it to me. I turned it on, took a picture and as usual the camera screen goes black and won't even click/capture the picture. So he has me hand the camera to him. He takes the other two batteries out of the pack he had opened, puts them in, and proceeds to take numerous pictures of crap in the store. I was amazed, I truly thought something was wrong with my silly camera! He then tells me that he had found a remedy with another customer; Lithium batteries! They are unnefected by this weird issue of mine! I can use the camera for weeks with no problems now.

    Outside of batteries, I also had an issue with a stick on car compass I bought at the auto shop. I can hold the compass and it will read the opposite direction of what I know to be north (or whatever direction I am standing). Once again I thought the thing must be junk and went to throw it away. My boyfriend at the time told me to just give it to him instead. He stuck it to his dashboard and its worked fine ever since..

    long story short, I don't know if this is the right name for it, but maybe!

  8. I think i may have this!
    I started getting these sort of things about 8 months ago like ill be with friends walking home at night and every street light will turn off as i walk under them and my friends think its just the lights automatic shut off, i kill watches within 3 days of having them! And my mobile is always flipping out having white screens and so on.
    Is there any real way of getting rid of it or what?

  9. Just too wild!! I am 46 years old and have experienced this my WHOLE life and I never knew there was a name for it!!
    When I was young I would tell friends about the street light incidents but realized that they were starting to think I was a loon! I soon found out though that two of my three sisters had the same issue (as well as my grandmother), the one not as strong as me and my oldest sister. We (she older) just pretty much I guess decided not to speak of it other then amongst ourselves...we both have always loved to walk and would often go together in the evening and between the two of us the " well lighted" trails were usually pretty dark!!
    I remember being told when i was young by various people it was something in my skin that made watches have a very short life when I wore them.
    And thru out the years I never put it all together...the bad luck with altenators in every car...various electrical issues with EVERY car including my current older loses the time every day like when you pull and replace a battery in your car and have to adjust the clock....I dont even bother anymore.
    What made me even find out that there is a name for it is because lately its NON stop especially with street lights,,,,I can even make the un lit ones come on now!!! Not on command obviously but certain ones EVERYDAY....
    I wish there was more information on this.
    Im not real big on the theory that its static electricity as I never get shocked or have static in clothes or hair.
    But I also dont put a lot of stock in some that I read where they say it depended on there mood (energy level) as I have not seen a coralation in my experience with it thus far or atleast none that I am aware of.

  10. I am fairly new to all of this myself. My Mother has always had 'visions' or remote viewing skills. We always knew we were different. As I searched and connected with a lost side of the family it became very obvious it was a shared gift with most of us in that line. We can sense each other over thousands of miles. Gifts vary from dreams that come true, day visions when around water...but what started in my twenties to current is that I can slam doors, shatter glass objects, ring phones remotely and sense others thoughts. Just recently noticed I am interfering with my cell phone, computer etc. My Mother has started to emit blue lights from her fingertips against her bedding when making the bed. Recently she connected with a long list cousin from that 'special line' and found it very charged and almost a different level of communication without words. Our background is British isles...ancient Celtic kings along with ancient Hebrew lines along with native American roots. We are wondering if you have data of a family lineage with strong gifts? Who are we & what are we? - thank you,

  11. I was shocked many times as a young child...I simply could not resist putting metal into outlets. At the age of 5, our car was struck by lightning. The strike was right above my head. The interior of the car was burnt but I and the metal it hit were fine. I think if I did start with the outlets at 3 yrs old that lightning strike would have harmed me. I am shocked when touching metal & I tend to shut down the electricity in my house especially if I thouch a light swith or outlet during a storm. My repair electrician is use to this now. Unfortunately, I shock (in a painful way) the people who touch me. They jump but are ok and then they laugh. Except one incident: my husband & I were being close and his on my hand accidentally touched the outlet behind the bed. It was hot and both sweaty and both of us received a shock from our hands to toes. I was fine but my husband suffered from heart applications, numbness and a constant headache. He was given a tetnus shot at the ER. Now he is very careful not to touch me near outlets. He has also begain doing the pumping of my gas when I am not there. We use to laugh at the sparks when I turned on my car but know he worries. The streetlight "game" was something he, the kids & I had fun with and turning on or off electrical appliances but now after he was hurt they don't ask to see that. My daughter, although, never somewhat electrocuted has an unusual high charge. I still think it's cool but just not something you take lightly. My best friend was also effected/affected when she asked if I could change the radio station without touching it. I tried and the whole car went dead while driving and we were hit by another car. No one was hurt. Before the accident she thought it was cool...having me show others how I can change my I color my willing. Now she and I think my husband have an anxiety towards me. Thank you for all the info above. I am letting my loved ones know it's not just me who is as they say a " Magneto".

  12. I have this. I have grand mal seizures which started after a brain injury in a car crash. The hair in my body stands on end a lot and sometimes when I walk under streetlights, they start flickering. If I move my joints in a certain way, I can feel the current running through my body. I shock people a lot and I wear gloves and a hat all the time.

  13. I think we all need to get together and see what we can do with this. We're superheroes!

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  15. I'm L. Elizabeth and today some friends were over and they were using an electrical sensor. It tests for electric current. I light it up like an outlet. We thought it was a joke at first, but sure enough, I have a strong enough electric something it set of this proximity electric gage. So tonight, I'm searching on Google thinking nothing could explain this. Then I found all of you have some kind of high measurable electric thing too. I'm gonna read some more. But it's nothing I ever heard of before. If it wasn't measurable, I would not have believed it. I'm still not sure what I think.

  16. When we take in our food, the large molecules within it are broken down in to smaller molecules and elements by our digestive system. Those smaller molecules and elements can be used by our cells to do work. That process is called cellular respiration. All of those molecules and elements have the potential to create electrical impulses, depending on the situations within the specific body systems at the time.

    For a specific example of this sort of thing in action, one of the most commonly mentioned electrical currents created by the body is our heart rhythm. Our hearts contain a grouping of cells that reside in the upper right portion known as your Sinoatrial node or SA node for short. The cells within the SA node (pacemaker of the heart) contain electrolytes both inside and outside the cells. Some of the most common electrolytes within the body, as mentioned previously, are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and chloride. Sodium and calcium generally reside outside the SA nodes cells and potassium lies within. These specialized cells allow much more sodium to enter the cell than allow for potassium to leave it. The result is a continually growing positive charge. Once that charge reaches a certain point, calcium channels open up in the cell membrane and allow for calcium to enter as well. This makes the interior of the cell extremely positive, known as an action potential. Once that potential reaches a certain point, it has enough “power” to discharge down the nerves of the heart. Ah the wonders of chemistry in action!

    Electrolytes crossing cell membranes creating electrical discharges is only one of countless ways the body uses the food we eat to create energy and power to do work. But when you ask how the body creates electricity, the answer is as simple as “chemistry”.

    Now, this is easy to understand and makes logical sense. Some people's body chemistry can be a little different allowing for a build-up of cellular electrical impulses on a high scale that is easily measured with a proximity electrical sensor that picks up anything over 110 volts ( this is admittedly extremely high and unsual for body). This electronic proximity can be purchased at any hardware store. So, this syndrome can be real and therefore treatable for those with extreme cases. Otherwise, enjoy adding a charge to ordinary life.

  17. I've been more research. People whose bodies are capable of either converting more electrical energy, or of retaining electrical energy may have a natural Defense against may virus. For instance, a study in Europe has been done that the aids virus can be inactivated at critical stages by electrical current. This study was done by - Lab Test Results of HIV inactivation by electric current from Appendix E Paper by W. Lyman, et al. Reporting Inactivation of AIDS Virus by Electric Current . So, the benefits may far outweigh the annoyances of having high voltage syndrome. Some voltage syndromes may be passed genetically from one generation to the next. Both my children can set off the voltage proximity tester. However, our friends do not even get a blip on the same electrical tester purchased from the hardware store. I don't want to get carried away with this unusual phenomenon, but I do find it interesting and worth exploring, since we now have technology that can test it.

  18. hi, i don't know if this applies. Lights would always go out or die when i walked in rooms and this stopped like a year ago. But this last month my laptop died when i touched it. My friend's laptop froze and we lost all our work when i typed "Scene 3" and then press the space bar. After that a total of 5 phones have turned off when i touched them. Does this have to do with anything at all? can it go away?

  19. Ive dealt with this my whole life and never understood it until my therapist mentioned SLI and HVS. I've never had issues with any kind of light bulbs or batteries, but any kind of electronic that has a hard drive or memory of some sort in it will corrupt shortly after I use it for the first time. Our family got our first computer when I was 9 and the hard drive crashed and the computer started smoking. Our home phones had to be replaced constantly as well. I got my first cell phone when I was 19, and Ive had 44 cell phones since, because they constantly would crash and stop working. I'm 25 now. Every single one of my laptops has had a faulty hard drive, and the brand new iMac I just bought is having issues and is incredibly slow. I have to take it in for warranty repairs already. I am a professional photographer and I have gone through 5 expensive external hard drives and have lost countless client sessions because of it. I now back up all of my work to 3 different locations. I have had my DSLR for 2 years and it started having issues around 6 months after I got it. The past 2 DSLRs I had stopped working after a few months as well and still didn't work even after having warranty work on them. I've also had to throw away hundreds of brand new SD/CF cards because I buy "faulty" ones. THE ECU in my brand new car also failed 6 months after getting my car. I just recently purchased a camcorder for my business and two days after I got it, it corrupted and failed, thus losing a wedding I had filmed. Its odd that it is so specific to just these certain pieces of electronics.

    1. I also have had every work computer fail on me as well. At my last job, I had two computers crash on me and I was there for 6 months. At my new job, Ive been here for a month and my computer has crashed already, and we had rolling blackouts for 2 hours on my first day. They said that's never happened before